Serrana Espadán Variety

Essentia Oleum is the continuity of a vital project, it is to keep alive the essence of a town, a way of life and the illusion of parents.
Esentia Oleum aims to combine gastronomy and territory to make available to everyone an EVOO full of light and nuances of dried fruit, tomato and olive leaf.


The Escuela Superior de Aceite de Oliva in its fifth edition 2020/21, has announced its winners at the ESAO Awards Olive Oil Competition, among other winners, this year the award for the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by a producer in the Valencian Community, it has been for ESSENTIA OLEUM. This young EVOO with three years of experience already managed to obtain a finalist position in the previous edition last year and it is this year when he has achieved first place in this well-known and prestigious contest in the world of oil. This EVOO can already be found in different Gourmet establishments and prestigious restaurants, although without a doubt it is the main ingredient of La Farola Restaurante in Altura, from where it can also be purchased. Essentia Oleum, is the continuity of some children to their parents, the Garnes-Soler brothers advised by Miguel Abad, expert in Oleiotechnics and taster, offer the memory of aromas and nuances of yesterday with the guarantee and security of today, all in a Own, limited and selected production of olives of the “Serrana Espadán” variety from an olive farm in the Alto Palancia region, surrounded by the Sierras Espadán and Calderona, 600 meters above sea level and belonging to the municipality of Altura, in the province of Castellón, halfway between the Sanctuary of the Holy Cave and the Cartuja de Vall de Crist. Elaborating an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with sweet nuances of dried fruit, tomato plant and green olive leaf, thanks to early harvesting and processing of the fruit.
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